Why solar for your business makes sense

Solar Modules Ground Mount

Grid Tied System


- Financial savings by decreasing your electricity      bill.

- Feed excess power into the grid.

- Reduce your reliance on the grid.

- Low maintenance.

- Great ROI


Battery Backup System

- Financial stability as you will be fixing your              electricity at a set rate for the next 25 years.

- Add batteries to become energy independent.

- No income loss due to cable theft.

- High reliable as you won't suffer from the grid        blackouts.



Tax Incentives

Having a solar system for you business can benefit your business in many way but most importantly it can drastically reduce your operation costs. Why not take advantage of this?

As a VAT registered business that is looking to install a solar system, your business qualifies for tax incentives where you are able to deduct 14% of the total system cost of a new solar system. This value can be deducted as a depreciation expense from the businesses income tax for the first year. This only applies for solar systems that is less than 1MW.

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