the solaredge solution


a higher lifetime value

the SolarEdge DC optimized inverter solution maximises power generation at the individual module level, which leads to a higher lifetime revenue from pV systems. while the initial cost of the SolarEdge solution is slightly higher than traditional inverter systems, the installation cost as well as the lifetime maintenance cost, is lower. this makes the SolarEdge solution more economically attractive.


the solarEdge monitoring platform

The SolarEdge monitoring platform remotely monitors your modules and system levels in real time. The platform tracks and provides  report of your system from energy yields to performance ratio, even financial performance. The system pinpoints and immediately detects any faults. This alert shoes the specific fault location, description and status. It also provides accurate and remote troubleshooting for fast and efficient resolution with minimal and shortened onsite visits. Owners are also able to define peak and off-peak rates in order to track expected PV revenue. The platform also provides a consumption monitoring feature that shows data on electricity consumption, PV production and self-consumption.

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