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Our Commercial Offering:

  • We are the third party providers to the best South African EPC company used as their subcontractors.
  • We offer Turnkey solutions, from design to installation for smaller projects from 30kW – 500kW.
  • Feasibility studies and consulting work.
  • Specialist battery backup design and integration.
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Our mission is to make relaible solar energy ACCESSIBLE to all. Now you can choose BETWEEN these follow options:


1. Rental with Zero Risk

Get cheaper and cleaner electricity for your business outlet. With no CAPEX required, your business can save on energy costs each month.


2. Crowd Funding

The crowd-sale is open! Now anyone can buy the solar cells that will go on to power your business or community of your choice whilst you save in energy cost each month.


3. Tailored Financing at 0% Deposit

Financing to help with the cash flow of your business. Flexible payments are structured to meet our client's production cycle thus ensuring expenses are in line whilst greater savings are ensured.

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220 kW for  SOLA Future Energy 

Project completed on time. SolaFuture is our EPC partner for large commercial installations.


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