To maintain your solar panels efficiency, one needs to keep them clean.

In the atmosphere, there are various particles like dust, dirt, pollen, leaves and, something we cannot ignore, the bird excrements! Over time these particles leave a layer of grime over your solar panels. In other words, dirty solar panels mean energy loss.


The sun shines light on the solar panels, absorbing as much energy as possible. The energy is then transferred from the solar panels to the components in the system and converts the energy to electricity.

Dirty solar panels will still produce electricity but not to its maximum.

So, if you want to gain the maximum benefit from your investment, then cleaning your panels regularly is advised. This won''t only pay off for itself with all the extra electricity it will produce, but will also keep your system looking attractive throughout the seasons.


Here at GreenSun we provide this service. We will not only wash your panels but also inspect your system for any flaws.

We will:

  • Wash your panels and frames

  • Inspect your roof for any penetrations

  • Inspect your inverter(s)

  • Inspect your circuit breakers

  • And, inspect your wiring and conduit

  • We also provide a full report on your solar system


can i wash my own solar panels?

We have been asked this question many times before. Yes, you can but it is not advised.

There are many risks involved when washing your own solar panels. You do not only put yourself at risk of injury but also put your system at risk to any damages.

  • Occupational Workplace Health and Safety legislation mandates the use of a safety harness or other form of restraint.

  • Cracking of the silicon waffers in the panel due to leaning on them, sitting on them or falling on them. This can cause heat buildup under the crack which could completely destroy the panel or worst case scenario, cause a fire.

  • Scratching the panels This could also lead to permanent energy loss.

  • Using the wrong equipment which could lead to any of the above.

  • Using the incorrect chemicals can damage the glass of the panels leaving your panels with milky/faded glass which also results in permanent energy loss.

While you are able to wash your own panels, you do not get the added benefit of a system inspection.

Here at GreenSun our employees are trained, qualified and certified to be on a roof, carefully cleaning your panels.

We put ourselves at risk so that you don’t have to.



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