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The greensun approach to solar:

Each design that we create is to give you the opportunity to start small and grow your solar system towards a self sustainable solution.

A great start to becoming Grid INDEPENDENT.

Firstly, we need to determine how energy efficient you are:

Have you installed or are planning to install:

LED lights, heat-pumps, solar geysers, a gas stove?

If yes, then it is easy to add a solar PV system.

Savings - Solar Panels - Solar Systems

30% | With a Grid Tied System

his solution can save you up to 30% of your energy bill . This is a solar-panel-only-system for daytime loads, for instance, the swimming pool pump, washing machine, home office and heat-pumps.You have the option to apply for net metering in certain counsels. This is a great option if you do not need battery backup.


60% | Adding more panels and some Li-ion battery

The aim is to get a 60-70% saving of you energy bill. 

This is where any excess electricity can be stored and used during the evening allowing you to be more grid-independent. 

Only the essential loads will run off the battery


100% Self Powerd


Mission accomplised As you can see, you can start with a small system and grow the system over time by adding more panels and batterie(s) allowing you to be energy effiecient and grid-independent. 

This is where GreenSun really shines!

Not Sure Which Solution Fits Your Needs?

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Finance Your Energy

Apply for finance through GreenFin helping you make the switch to a greener lifestyle quick and simple.