let's first start with the quick and easy greenSun 3D process when looking to buy a solar system:


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One size fits all might not always be the best option. Let our Energy Experts do a quick energy diagnostic that will determine your level of energy efficiency,  energy challenges and goals for a project.



Sometimes we do get very simple solar designs and most days not. We do sell pre-designed systems, but a truly great solar systems does require design to get the perfect mix between value, optimised energy production vs storage and the right mix of technologies. 


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Yes, our installation team does deliver exceptionally high quality service and installations. 5 years in this industry has taught us many things. More importantly is what happens after the installation. Value assurance is key. long after we have commissioned the system, Energy targets must be reached and we will assist with that through our online monitoring portals.

Choose A pre-designed solar system:

1. Solar System + battery 

Great option if..

  • You already decided on battery backup and kind of know how it all works.
  • Main goal is to grow the system over time for grid independence.
  • When durability is important.
  • When scalability is first price.

2. Solar system with no batteries (Grid Tie)

Great Option If..

  • Your main goal is electricity saving only.
  • You intend to feed back excess electricity via an approved net-meter system.
  • You are in City of Cape Town or Drakenstein municipality area that does allow net-metering. GreenSun can facilitate this whole application process.
  • R.O.I numbers are the main goal here. 
Grid tie kit

One of our solar advisors can call you. Please complete and send back to us. Let's get in touch:

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What type of saving are you looking at when buying a hybrid solar system?

This example below is a great starting point to get a basic feel of what size solar energy system might be right for you. Let us take a family of 4 living in Cape Town as our example:


Their MONTHLY USAGE is more or less 877 KWH per month. This can be pre-paid or post paid. The image below will guide you in terms of the solar saving based on the various size solar systems

solar saving on battery system.PNG

A few important points to consider when it comes to our solar & battery designs:

  • You have a choice between Thin Film solar panels or polycrystalline panels. The difference will be explained during our first meeting to determine a suitable fit
  • There will always be a choice between Lead Acid batteries, Lead Crystal batteries and our personal favourite, Lithium-ion batteries.
  • Click on the "Please contact me" to get started and our friendly energy adviser will phone you back.

GeenSun is an Expert Installer on the following battery and Grid systems:

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