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An integrated power solution that is designed around you.

A solution that is designed to make your life easier, a solution which saves you money and one that is sourced from the best.

Welcome to green power straight from the sun.

GreenSun Renewable Energy combines the power of solar, storage and smart software to generate, store and optimise a solution that will best power your world. It is an integrated, actively managed system that comprises just three components:


Solar panels


We always start by using the highest quality solar panels from some of the world’s most respected manufacturers.

During our Tailored System Design stage, we will determine the number and type of panels or tiles that would best suit your power needs.



 Don’t waste the energy your solar panels produce during the day and don’t sell that power to the grid to then only have to buy it back at a much higher rate. With GreenSun's fully-integrated designed energy storage device you can store that excess energy for when you need it most and continue to save on your energy bills throughout the night.



Understanding and adopting to your way of life means that our smart software application will work around the clock to optimise how to most cost-efficiently power your home. So whether you need to store cheaper energy throughout the day or sell some power back to the grid, your fully automated smart power solution will work out the most efficient use of solar, storage or grid so you don’t have to.


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